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Legal Investigations in Massachusetts

Courtside Legal Investigators, Inc. is a Team of Licensed Private Investigators

Our office has been dedicated to serving attorney clients exclusively since we were established in 1992, and you can be sure that we are experienced in obtaining the evidence and information that our clients need. If you are seeking confirmation or new information of some kind in relation to a legal matter that you are handling, then look no further than our office. We can help you as a lawyer, with any of the following areas of practice:

Asset Investigations

In various civil and criminal matters, there is often the need for asset investigation to determine existence and value as well as other facts concerning the assets. We can provide the necessary information.

Background Investigations

Many different legal proceedings call for background on certain individuals whether they are defendants, witnesses, or others who have a hand in the current case. Let us put our resources to work to uncover evidence and pertinent information.

Criminal Investigation

We have many criminal defense attorneys who seek our assistance in evaluating and gathering the vast amount of evidence involved in certain cases. We can help you develop evidence and confirm discovery information; as well as contact, and gain the cooperation, of "hostile" witnesses.

Field Investigative Services

We have experience conducting complete field investigative services, including court records research and document retrieval, surveillance, scene investigation and photography, and canvassing areas to locate previously unknown witnesses.

Locating Witnesses

Our office has experience in finding witnesses who were previously unknown, and we can work to locate and interview opposing witnesses to ensure that you have as much information as possible in the case that you are currently handling.

Witness Interviews

Our experienced legal investigators conduct hundreds of witness interviews every year. They are experts at overcoming witness objections and gaining trust and rapport with often uncooperative witnesses.

Post-Trial Investigations

If you have received an unfavorable jury verdict, then it is important to recognize that you may be able to pursue a correction to the situation through post-trial investigation of any appealable issue. If you received a favorable verdict, and fear the other side may try to overturn it, we can help with that too. We are experienced in conducting post-trial investigations to support a favorable verdict and defend against an appeal by the opposing party.

Recognized Leaders in Legal Investigation

At Courtside Legal Investigators, Inc., we are recognized as leaders in the field of legal investigation due to our vast experience and the results that we have been able to obtain for our clients in the past. If you are seeking evidence or information, then take advantage of our investigators' years of experience and substantial resources. You can be sure that we will put all of our resources to work in order to obtain the evidence or information that your case requires. Contact us for the assistance that you need today!