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Billing & Fees

At Courtside Legal Investigators, Inc., we charge based on an hourly rate, as well as any extra costs involved with travel expenses and/or mileage. There is a wide range of hourly rates available, depending on the specific private investigator that you are interested in hiring. Their level of experience, position and client demand is all taken into consideration to come up with this rate.

Our clients come to us due to our history of successful cases. They do not seek us out because we offer any discounts or cheap rates. This does not mean, however, that we are not efficient with the resources available to us. Every client's budget is kept in mind and we never surpass this dollar amount unless they give us the permission to do so. Before taking on any new client, we always prefer to look at their goals and anticipated results. By doing so, we can help to make sure that our efforts fit their needs and can produce a positive end result. With our passion for providing the level of service that produces winning cases, we try to stay away from taking on cases when we cannot meet our client's needs.

Our rates and fee schedule is available to lawyers and law firms upon request.