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About Us

Courtside Legal Investigators, Inc. was formed by Sean Burke , who left a career within the judicial system. We are a full service legal support business that exclusively works for attorneys. Since 1992, we have been involved in over 15,000 cases. Our philosophy and hard work over the past 22-years allowed the company to steadily grow into its current corporate status.

Our staff consist of licensed private detectives, attorneys, and paralegals. We have two major types of investigators; field and research. Our field detectives consist of former law enforcement and Court personell, whereas our research investigators are licensed attorneys and paralegals.

Mr. Burke developed the "scientific method of investigations" to assist our clients with having information when they need it; to meet tracking order timelines; and to assist in getting relevant field data into evidence at trial. Our services are designed to maximize legal strategy through strong legal support services. From the inception of each case through the use of our last field investigative tool, we acquire data in a systematic and reliable format that can be transferred into testimony at trial.

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Massachusetts Legal Investigators Offer Litigation Support Services

As an attorney, you recognize the need for substantial and pertinent evidence and information in each case that you handle; however, you may not possess the time or resources to obtain the evidence that you need. It is important that you enlist our team as we provide Massachusetts investigative services and work to obtain the evidence that you need as you put together your client's case. At Courtside Legal Investigators, Inc., we work to provide attorneys with whatever information that they need, whether it is witness statements, surveillance footage, a background check, or an appellate investigation after an unfavorable verdict is returned.

We gather evidence and information and compile it into a court-ready format for the lawyers we serve. As in most legal matters, time is of the essence. We devote our practice exclusively to assisting attorneys so that we may remain in constant practice of pursuing the evidence that our clients need. You can be sure that we won't be delayed in our efforts. We pour many resources into these investigations because your situation is important to us and we want to deliver the evidence you need.

More Than Two Decades of Service

Since our office was established in 1992, we have limited our practice to serving attorneys only. Our staff includes licensed legal investigators, some of which also have experience as lawyers. That being said, we know what types of evidence and documents you need. We have handled numerous multi-million-dollar settlements and have handled more than 15,000 cases throughout our years in operation. If you have obtained an undesirable verdict for your client, then you can utilize our services to conduct post-trial investigation to obtain evidence for you that can increase your chances of a successful appeal. Contact our office for assistance in gathering information for your client's legal matter today!


There is a reason that year after year our associates are the most sought after in the legal field and receive the highest accolades from clients—they earn it. We recruit only the best and the brightest, the most creative and inquisitive; those with relentless energy, and with a passion to develop evidence and testimony that win cases. We demand strong interpersonal skills and the ability to quickly develop solid relationships with others. We hire only aggressive, yet never careless investigators.

A reason for our success is that we are not a typical investigative firm. Clients who meet with us for the first time are pleasantly surprised by the diversity of our investigative team in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, and backgrounds. Although some of our investigators have come from federal government and law enforcement careers, you are just as likely to work with an investigator who is a former investigative journalist, insurance adjustor, corporate risk management executive, or Court officer. Furthermore, several of our investigators are State Bar licensed attorneys.

It is this uncommon environment, with a strong emphasis on ingenuity and teamwork, that fosters creativity, resourcefulness, and flexibility; it also gives us the ability to quickly establish rapport, and then build lasting relationships with witnesses and others from a wide range of backgrounds.

Our investigators are educated. Nearly all of our associates have bachelor degrees and some have masters and juris doctor degrees. All of our staff receives generous yearly training allowances for continuing education courses, so that we stay on top of advances in our field.

In order to ensure the highest likelihood of a case-winning result, investigative matters are normally assigned to a team of investigators. Depending upon the complexity and scale of the matter, the team is managed by a senior investigator or a regional managing investigator. This associate is responsible for the separation of work among researchers, field investigators, and senior investigators. All investigative matters are also under the direct management of our Director of Investigations, who receives daily briefings regarding open assignments and he reviews and approves all work product.

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