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Background Investigations

Investigative Services in Massachusetts

At Courtside Legal Investigators, Inc., we understand the difficulties associated with various legal proceedings as our staff is made up of both licensed private investigators and investigators who practice law. We understand the issues that can arise with a witness who is discredited in court in the middle of a trial. Such a surprise can be devastating to your case, and for this reason, we offer background investigation services so that you may be sure of the nature of your witness' character and version of events and so that you will not be put in a difficult position in the middle of a trial.

It is also important to take steps to dismantle the opposition's case. While you work on other elements of building your case, you can rely on our background investigative skills to uncover any issues that could be detrimental to your opposition's case and helpful to yours. We are dedicated to serving you in any way that we can with investigations that are thorough and efficient, fully documented and prepared in a court-ready format. Whether the case that you are handling is routine or complex, sensitive or high stakes, you can be sure that we will implement the careful and effective tactics to help you obtain the results you need for your client.

Massachusetts Private Investigators Find the Information You Need

Our office was established in 1992 with the intent of providing various investigative services exclusively to attorneys and law firms. We have assisted with numerous multi-million-dollar settlement cases and have handled more than 15,000 cases throughout our years in operation. Seek our assistance in the legal matter that you face today in order to pursue evidence and information that could give you a significant advantage in the courtroom. We have the experience that you need and are recognized as leaders in the field of legal investigation. Contact us today to review your case.